Our scientific community is engaged in a broad spectrum of research in the basic and clinical aspects of veterinary pharmacology and toxicology employing in vitro, in vivo, ex vivo or in silico models

EAVPT officially supports the Journal of Veterinary Pharmacology and Therapeutics (JVPT) as our primary arena for exchange of thoughts and publication of research. The books of abstracts of the EAVPT Congresses are traditionally published as JVPT supplements. The Journal is a forum for recent scientific information and developments in the discipline of veterinary pharmacology, including toxicology and therapeutics. We encourage all interested scientists, whether they are EAVPT members and non-members, to use JVPT as a source of high-quality knowledge or to publish their own scientific papers.

For more information on the JVPT go to Wiley Online Library.


We run regular workshops on topical area of pharmacological and toxicological research.


Combined EAVPT / VetCast Antimicrobial / One Health
Wed 08-Sun12 July 2020 - POSTPONED

EAVPT / VetCast workshop on Bacterial resistance and the impact upon animal health, human health and the environment
08-12 July 2020, Voronesh, Russia - POSTPONED

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